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My Voice - Lost and Found

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Happy Thursday and welcome to Live Better Weekly!

I lost my voice this week. I don't think I realized exactly how much I typically talk until I couldn't. And how much I depend on talking to carry out many of my normal day-to-day activities. As it turns out, there are a lot of things I CAN'T do without my voice.

  • I can't have a conversation with my husband from another room
  • I can't tell the dogs to stop barking at the Amazon driver
  • I can't yell when I almost drop a glass jar on the floor (well, I CAN try, but nothing comes out)
  • I can't lead a verbal life coaching session
  • I can't record inspirational (or funny) videos
  • I can't answer my phone without my son thinking he woke me up
  • I can't Marco Polo my BFFs
  • I can't stop the lady at the UPS store from recoiling at the sound of my creaky voice in a horror reminiscent of 2020

What a lovely, big, steaming pile of self-pity we have here.

As I sat on the couch this morning feeling more than a little sorry for myself, I realized that once the neti pot, salt gargling and coffee kicked in, I wasn't feeling HORRIBLE, I just couldn't talk. There were some things I COULD do, if I stepped over the steaming pile and got a little better view.

So, I made another cup of coffee (that's my go-to in most emergency situations), headed into my office, cancelled a mentoring session, rescheduled a coaching session, updated my website, finished an offer, posted it on all my socials and now I'm writing this newsletter.

What I realized today is that my voice isn't just the words and sounds that fly out of my mouth almost faster than my brain can create them. My voice is what I'm putting out into the world. And that's a whole lotta CAN DO.

"Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs." Steven Covey

THIS WEEK: Do you ever feel like your voice doesn't matter? Like you don't have anything of value to offer? Or maybe it seems like no one is every really listening, so why bother?

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