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Is January the new "week between Christmas and New Years Day?

published25 days ago
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Happy Thursday and welcome to Live Better Weekly!

I read a quote this week that really resonated with me. It was from Emily Freeman's "7 Things I'm Learning" newsletter ( Funny thing is, I don't remember subscribing to it - I think it was part of a contest on IG, but boy am I glad I did. A real gem!

January is the new "week between Christmas and New Years Day."
I've now officially decided that the entire month of January is needed to reflect and look ahead into the year. Let's take the full month, as we go about our days and nights, to let the reflection simmer, let the dreams build up in the background, let our soul catch up to our body after the rush of December. No need to rush it.

I LOVE the week between Christmas and New Years Day and it's not because I spend the whole week calculating all my various facts, figures and statistics from the year, then setting annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals for the upcoming year.

What I love doing that week is drinking coffee in my pajamas until very late in the morning. Reading books all afternoon. Watching British mystery shows late into the night. Cleaning out closets and junk drawers at my leisure. And eating holiday leftovers until we absolutely must make a real meal.

Like Emily, I love spending January in reflection, letting the possibilities of the year unfold bit by bit, just like the baby palm fronds on the trees in front my porch. Taking their own sweet time to grow, mature and flourish.

And I'd like to add that every day, every hour, every moment can be YOUR January. No need to wait until tomorrow or Monday or the new month or the new year to do something that lights you up and moves you forward.

NOW is the only time that is always available to you. Live it!

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