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I Had a Dusty Kitchen, What's Your Problem?

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Happy Thursday and welcome to Live Better Weekly!

This week two quotes converged in my mind that shed some light on my less than stellar Saturday behavior. Before I share the behavior, I'll share the quotes.

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy. ~Anton Chekhov~
The next time you're in the middle of a stressful situation, ask yourself, "Am I focusing on the problem or the solution?" ~Jon Acuff~

Let's back up a bit and allow me to share last weekend's recipe for "Betsy's Worst Attitude Ever". A real treat, for sure!

Begin with one large upper respiratory virus du jour. Mix in 2.5 days of laryngitis. Sprinkle with spring allergies to taste (I'm looking at you, Florida!) Simmer at 99-100 degrees for 5-7 business days.

I woke up Saturday morning, as my mom would have said, "fit to be tied". I was tired. I still didn't feel well. I had one of those tickly coughs that you just can't quite cough out. My neti pot was not making much headway with my sinuses either. One of the dogs threw up on the couch in my office. I was out of creamer, so I had to drive to Publix at 7am so I could at least have a decent cup of coffee.

As I stood in the kitchen watching my Ninja stream life giving coffee into my mug, the sun was also streaming. Into the kitchen. Shining a giant spotlight onto ALL. THE. DUST.

I maintained my composure long enough to finish my coffee and then the Hulk came out (that's what my kids used to say when I'd lose my temper and rage clean, which is really odd for them to remember because I'm sure it was a very rare occurrence!)

Anyway, The Hulk spent the next 4-5 hours cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom, insulting any who dared try to help (sorry honey!) and running off any who dared stand in her way (sorry dogs!).

When it was all said and done, the kitchen looked fabulous, and I felt like a big jerk.

You might be wondering when the quotes are coming in. I promise, I'm bringing this train into the station.

I don't know the exact percentages, but I can guarantee you the number of days in my adult life where my kitchen was dusty FAR outnumber the dust-free days and usually I just shrug, grab my coffee and go about my merry way.

So why did The Hulk come out and Swiffer everything and everyone in its path this particular day?

Because I felt like crap, and I was focused on feeling like crap. I was embodying crap, marinating in it. I wasn't focused on my nice hot mug of Lavazza with my fresh from Publix Silk Almond Creamer. I wasn't focused on a beautiful cool morning, time to relax with my hubby and my dogs. Just feeling like crap. And dust.

**whips out Magic 8 Ball**

Will I feel like crap again in the future? Signs point to YES.

Will my kitchen be dusty in the future? You may rely on it.

When I find myself focusing on things that make me feel WORSE or that I wouldn't normally care about, will I catch myself and ask, "Am I focusing on the problem or the solution?" Outlook good.

THIS WEEK: What problem are YOU focusing on? Is the way you are thinking about this problem, helping you or turning you into The Hulk? How could you adopt a solution mindset and shift your focus?

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