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Are you ready to Spring Ahead?

published21 days ago
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Happy Monday and welcome to Sleep Better Weekly!

This week we are going to:

  • see the results of our sleep poll
  • learn about the effects of Daylight Savings Time
  • take a "bedtime" poll
  • make a plan to Spring Ahead

The Results are In!

Last week's poll asked how Daylight Savings Time (Spring Ahead) affects you and/or your sleep and the responses were evenly split among all 5 options.

  • I'm not tired at bedtime and can't fall asleep!
  • I'm groggy in the morning and have a hard time waking up.
  • I find myself feeling stressed before it even happens because it ruins my whole week!
  • I love it because it stays lighter longer in the evening!
  • I hate it because it's darker in the mornings!

Which one(s) of those feel true for YOU? How is your life affected as your body and brain adjusts?

Bedtime Story

If you dread Daylight Savings Time (DST or Spring Ahead) because of past experiences, you are not alone. Our sleep health is dependent on predictable rhythms of sleep and wakefulness to function optimally.

If you've ever taken a trip that involved crossing multiple time zones, you have likely experienced some degree of jet lag. You're not tired when you should be asleep, and you ARE tired when you should be awake. The same thing can happen in the days/weeks immediately following DST.

Studies show that during the week after DST there is an associated rise in heart attacks, injuries (car accidents are the biggest culprit here), strokes, mental health and cognitive issues, even digestive and immune related issues.

Sleep Study

This week we are asking "How do you decide when it's time to go to bed?" Your answer may be a key factor in your sleep efficiency.

Sleep Better

Tips for Springing Ahead in Style:

  1. Don't Force It. Don't try and make yourself to go to sleep at today's 10pm when it's yesterday's 9pm. You are more likely to lie awake stressed and lose even more sleep.
  2. Baby Steps. Go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier per night until your new bedtime aligns with your preferred time. The stress you save yourself tossing and turning should more than make up for the few minutes you may "miss".
  3. Lighten Up! Get in the habit of stepping outside for a few minutes each morning (no sunglasses) and soak in all those lovely blue light rays that tell our bodies to stop producing melatonin and wake up. This helps sync up our circadian rhythms which is a key component to predictable sleep/wake cycles.

P.S. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour this Sunday, March 12, 2023!

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